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the Brian Gould Foundation


Whenever a person’s life is improved or saved, it starts with a purely voluntary act of generosity. That’s why we founded the Brian Gould Foundation.



As CEO of Trulife Distribution and Trulife Marketing, Brian Gould facilitates importing, distributing, and promoting products made in other countries for American consumers. He also helped found the Dietary Supplement Import Association (DSIA), which provides companies looking to bring their products into the United States with insights and educational resources. The success of Gould’s business is directly attributable to his skill and knowledge in the right areas.

Through Trulife, Gould believes he is fulfilling his corporate social responsibility by giving back to society.

A Foundation Made to Fight Back

Gould has always participated in different charity activities hosted by not-for-profit organizations and charity programs. He believes in giving back and contributing to the social good. In pursuit of this end, he also started a foundation called the Brian Gould foundation, which aims to give back to society.

The Brian Gould Foundation is tasked with the duty to help the poor, the less fortunate, and recovering drug addicts. When launching this foundation, Gould felt the need to make an impact beyond participating in charities and fundraisers. He believes that more should be done to make the world a better place.

The Ongoing Problem

One of the biggest problems facing humanity is poverty. Millions of people face hunger and go through life without access to the most fundamental necessities. They cannot maintain a healthy and secure lifestyle due to poor housing, clothing, and food access.

However, massive progress has been made toward ending poverty on a global scale. More than 1.2 billion people[a] have escaped poverty entirely since 1990. As of 2017, just 9.2% of the worldwide population lives on less than $1.90 per day — down from nearly 36% in 1990. Despite this progress, there is a possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic could undo decades of progress in the fight against global poverty and income inequality. This could put the future of a whole generation of children at risk.

The World Bank predicts that by 2020, an additional 97 million people will have fallen into extreme poverty due to COVID-19. The World Bank notes that “there is still much we don’t know” about the impact of the pandemic on global poverty in 2021, even though it has been more than a year since the outbreak.”

In the most recent Current Population Report from the U.S. Census Bureau (2019), 34.5 million U.S. residents (10.5% of the total population) continue to live in poverty. While the overall poverty rate in the United States was 11.7% in 2019, the poverty rate for children was 14.4%, the lowest it has been since 1973, and the poverty rate for those 65 and older was 8.9%.

When they think of poverty, the majority of Americans have an image of families living in run-down apartments in areas that were once centers of thriving industry. However, the real face of poverty can be seen throughout the rural South and Southwest of the United States, where living conditions are more appalling than many other parts of the country.

The South is home to nine states with the highest poverty rates according to a two-year average between 2018 and 2019. That includes Mississippi, where 19.4% of the population lives in poverty, as well as Louisiana (18.4%), New Mexico (16.0%), Arkansas (15.0%), West Virginia (14.9%), Kentucky (14.6%), Alabama (14.4%), South Carolina (13.9%), Georgia (13.5%), and North Carolina (12.9%).

Several factors have contributed to the persistent poverty in these regions. One of the most glaring of these is that their economies were traditionally based on agriculture rather than education and innovation.

Children’s health and well-being improve as low-income families lift themselves out of poverty. Since 1990, the daily death toll for children under five has dropped from around 34,200 to just over 14,200. If poverty, hunger, and disease were reduced, a large percentage of these deaths could have been avoided.

The Mission

The Brian Gould Foundation’s mission is to help reduce global poverty. The organization aims to achieve this feat through fundraising and donations channeled to different poverty-stricken communities.

Also, the foundation will sponsor various organizations that help educate poverty-stricken communities, teaching them various ways of improving their livelihood. Through the foundation’s efforts, Brian Gould believes he and his team can help reduce global poverty numbers.

Brian Gould is also passionate about helping recovering addicts. Through his foundation, he hopes to make an impact and improve affected people’s lives.

Nearly 21 million Americans have an addiction problem, according to the statistics and only 10% get treatment. In addition, since 1990, there has been more than a threefold increase in fatal drug overdoses. Addiction to alcohol and drugs is also responsible for an annual loss of over $600 billion to the US economy.

It is also estimated that approximately 20% of people in the United States who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders experience substance use disorder. High rates of drug addiction are seen primarily among Americans aged 18 to 25. More than ninety percent of people addicted to alcohol or drugs had their first drink or dose of drugs before the age of 18.

Nevertheless, a lot can be done to help addicts and recovering addicts win the fight against substance abuse. The Brian Gould Foundation will be at the forefront in helping drug addicts recover. Its mission is to eliminate prejudice, discrimination, and stigma associated with addiction treatment by fostering an environment of compassion and understanding.

Addiction is a global problem, and anyone struggling with it should have access to treatment. In addition, anyone willing to seek assistance should be met with empathy and understanding and be given a chance to receive an appropriate level of professional help.

Brian Gould believes progress comes from a joint effort. Also, companies such as TruLife Distribution have a corporate social responsibility to give back to society. This is why the Brian Gould Foundation has been established to impact and contribute to the social good. By tackling core issues like drug addiction and poverty, the foundation will positively impact many community members, especially in states in the U.S.

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